Sargeant Talren nu'Rond

Sargeant of C Company's "Wind Chosen." A ranged weapons specialist and cunning survior. A farmer, and horseman by trade.


Confident, capable, open-hearted, and entrenched in the lives of his soldiers. Talren is old by the current standards of C company. All 38 years of his life have been spent either farming, hunting, or killing. He is very skilled with crossbows and has been promoting their use and tactics over traditional bows.
Talren is usually found among his men sharing a drink or a tale and is an accomplished flute player. Rumors say that he once made his coin by playing at taverns and inns as a youth, after he put down the pitchfork, and before he picked up the sword…so to speak.
He leads the Wind Chosen, a band of psuedo scout/strikers.

Talren has no family to speak of…in his eyes, his friends are his family.

His horse, Bolt, has yet to lose a race among the company.

Sargeant Talren nu'Rond

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