Lord Ryland se Pucia

Lord Captain of C Company. A stalwart human warlord who believes firmly in his duty.


Lord Ryland grew up with a life that never knew want. While this would make most men soft, it hardened Ryland because he spent his time training with his father’s personal retinue. At the age of 17 Ryland killed his first living being, an elven rogue who made an attempt at his father’s life and succeeded.
With his father dead, Ryland became the Lord of a modest household in Hanen.
As years progressed into decades, Ryland had made it his personal mission to eradicate any elves from his homeland of Hanen. As the empire grew up around him, the Lord’s council took special favor towards Ryland, for his military success and fervor when fighting the “lesser races” of Hanen, and placed him in charge of C Company; Hanen’s experimental company of loyalists and natives. In this position, he has shone his true value as a fearless commander, and savage foe.

A strange irony of Lord Ryland is that his wife, Sornika, is a half-elf. His dedication to his family is unwavering. He has two daughters, ages 7 & 11.

Lord Ryland se Pucia

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