Farewell, a Beginning of Sorts

Social Order

The “pure” or wild dwarves and elves are considered “evil” in the eyes of all Hanen loyalist. Dwarves and elves fighting with the humans are considered loyalists; they have chosen to throw their lot in with the humans. Loyalist races are not looked down upon by the majority of Hanen’s humans because they are considered enlightened.
In example, a lawful good paladin would have no objections to killing the women and children of a raid on a non-loyalist, elf village.
Half breed races also face no criticism because they were either conceived through rape, which is no fault of their own, or to “purify” the other races. As always, there are minor exceptions to all rules.
As for alliances, assume that everyone is against the humans and their loyalist allies. Whether they are allied with each other is yet to be seen for the PC’s.



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