Farewell, a Beginning of Sorts

Description of the Known World

The main continent of Hanen lies in the east of the world. It’s a land made of a vast, mountainous coastline which recede to rolling hills and a grassy lowland.

To the south, Hanen has a small land bridge connecting it to its brother continent Rairon.

Rairon is filled with lush forests and few plains until the lands begin to open up and change into tropical, swamp lands. These swamps are dotted with highlands to the west, likely a continuation of the Hanen mountains.

Farthest south on Rairon sits a dry climate separated by a great canyon, the remnants of ancient river bed, where the land is harsh and void of most vegetation.

Separating the north of Hanen from Lucaria is a chain of mountains steep and craggy, with some peaks that reach towards the sky. While these areas are not indomitable, solace is sparse for all but the hardiest.

Not much is known about Lucaria. Travelers that have returned say it’s an unpredictable area with sudden, drastic weather changes.



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