Farewell, a Beginning of Sorts

Social Order

The “pure” or wild dwarves and elves are considered “evil” in the eyes of all Hanen loyalist. Dwarves and elves fighting with the humans are considered loyalists; they have chosen to throw their lot in with the humans. Loyalist races are not looked down upon by the majority of Hanen’s humans because they are considered enlightened.
In example, a lawful good paladin would have no objections to killing the women and children of a raid on a non-loyalist, elf village.
Half breed races also face no criticism because they were either conceived through rape, which is no fault of their own, or to “purify” the other races. As always, there are minor exceptions to all rules.
As for alliances, assume that everyone is against the humans and their loyalist allies. Whether they are allied with each other is yet to be seen for the PC’s.

Fort Se Pucia
Lands of Hanen

As the evening fires burned low to mimic a bard’s solemn song, the garrison of Fort Se Pucia relaxed in the open spring air or tucked away in their bunks. In the distance, the faint clang of the company’s blacksmiths challenged the works of the minstrel…no one seemed to notice or mind.
This had been the way of things.
Everyday, a patrol was sent out into the forest to search for elves or goblins or anything else that challenged the might of the people of Hanen. The orders were always simple, kill on sight, loot, burn, or leave for the carrion eaters.
The men and women of C company had been placed in charge of holding and advancing the southern boundaries of Hanen. A mixed unit of soldiers, magic-users, holy-men, thieves, and every race found in the known lands made C company a standout amongst all the rest.
Already credited for pushing the goblin/hobgoblin/orc skum back sixteen miles, and sacking 2 villages, they had earned a Distinguished merit, in the form of a magic object, from the Lords’ treasury.
The plan so far…keep pushing. Show no mercy.

The fort is constructed of sturdy, local wood with walls 9 feet tall. The entire fort is about the size of an American football field. A trench system is currently being dug around the entire fort but is only completed on the northern half. There are two main gates with two arrow towers each placed at the northern and southern gates. Arrow windows are placed about every 75 feet in the palisade, and fold out when in use. There are two smaller entrances in the east and west of the fort…chiefly placed as emergency exits. There is one lookout tower in the center of the fort; it stands 20 feet tall.

Amenities within the fort are:
-blacksmith huts
-field tavern building
-alchemist/healer hut
-commander’s building
-troop tents/huts
-mess pavilion
-merchant’s caravan (general store)

Where are you and what are you doing?

Description of the Known World

The main continent of Hanen lies in the east of the world. It’s a land made of a vast, mountainous coastline which recede to rolling hills and a grassy lowland.

To the south, Hanen has a small land bridge connecting it to its brother continent Rairon.

Rairon is filled with lush forests and few plains until the lands begin to open up and change into tropical, swamp lands. These swamps are dotted with highlands to the west, likely a continuation of the Hanen mountains.

Farthest south on Rairon sits a dry climate separated by a great canyon, the remnants of ancient river bed, where the land is harsh and void of most vegetation.

Separating the north of Hanen from Lucaria is a chain of mountains steep and craggy, with some peaks that reach towards the sky. While these areas are not indomitable, solace is sparse for all but the hardiest.

Not much is known about Lucaria. Travelers that have returned say it’s an unpredictable area with sudden, drastic weather changes.


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