The game will be played by post or MapTools, depending on PC interest.

This is a game I’m looking to get started. I’m a newer GM, but feel confident in my ability to manage a game. Consider this my Beta.

The game will begin in a time known as the Wars of Arrogance; roughly a twenty year period when the nations of men allied to conquer all of the continent of Hanen.
For this reason, PCs are limited to human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, or half-orc.
-I’ll also take a dragonborn, or goliath, but please have a good backstory as these races are rare in Hanen.

NOTE: The Wars of Arrogance involved battles between the humans and all races listed above and others. Any PC other than a human, half-elf, or half-orc is considered a traitor by their “pure” counterparts.

The game will be played using DnD4e rules. Primarily WoTC character builder (the free version for now) any created items, classes, or powers are encouraged as long as they are cleared by the GM.

Characters will start at Level 1, and are allowed 1 free Level 1-2 magic item/weapon/armor.

More to come soon!!!

Farewell, a Beginning of Sorts

Dihan TimD